The Power of Creation

in collaboration with Iris van Herpen for Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon is a vibrant, living, perpetually renewed homage that evokes Dom Pierre Pérignon, the spiritual father of champagne.

The Power of Creation of Dom Pérignon has moved the audacious creator Iris van Herpen, Dutch fashion designer and creative force. For the occasion of the end-of-year season 2014, she has playfully interpreted the concept of metamorphosis as embodied by the iconic champagne.

This installation has been presented in New York, Paris and London in 2014 to promote Dom Pérignon's Vintage 2004 Champagne.

Journey of a Raindrop (2014)

When a raindrop and his family venture into the deep and a thunderstorm drives them apart, a harsh journey through a world of sparse and elemental landscapes unfolds.

With Journey of a Raindrop, Jólan van der Wiel takes the viewer through a landscape of natural forces and material experimentations. The film marks the finalization of a yearlong research project, and will be presented during the Dutch Design Week in the exhibition In No Particular Order.

Following the circular trajectory of a single drop of rain, many of the most elementary forces that still shape our reality are brought into play. For Jólan, the use of film offered a completely new way of reflecting on his practise as a designer, giving him an almost endless range of possibilities in the experimentation with new materials – hereby further expanding his design practice that has always focussed on finding new applications for unorthodox materials and techniques.

Journey of a Raindrop 2014 - Jólan van der Wiel from
Jolan van der Wiel.

Journey of a Raindrop is made possible with the support of the Grant Programme for Talent Development of the Creative Industries Fund NL (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie).

Journey of a Raindrop was made in collaboration with the following film team:
Director - Thijs Schreuder Rinnooy Kan
Production design - Joery Verweij
Visual Effects - Bas van Bergen
Advisor - Bas van Beek
Director of Photograpy - Koen van Bergen
Sound design - Mat Wijn
Concept Drawings - Nicolas Chuard, Sebastian de Gortari
Assistants - Anna Intini, Federico da Fies, Gaetan Bobichon

↓ The Making of

'Journey of a Raindrop' will be presented at the Dutch Design Week 2014
-In No Particular Order -
The Talent Exhibition of the Creative Industries Fund NL

18 - 26 October 2014
Schellensfabriek, Vestdijk 280, Eindhoven
Every day from 11:00h – 20:00h

Our history is filled with irrational ideas. We thought the world was flat, we thought everything existed out of four elements, we even thought we were the centre of the universe. Our current physical laws might just be another misconception.
‘Dragonstone’ proclaims mystery; the objects seem to be a part of the imaginative, islands of something unearthly. Through playing with the forces of magnetism and gravity and overruling the conventional, ‘Dragonstone’ presents us a contemporary dilemma: do we want to keep with our traditional logic or do we follow these objects towards an intriguing new story?

‘Dragonstone’ is made possible by Sundaymorning@EKWC & Creative Industries Fund NL.

Collaboration projects with Iris van Herpen

"dresses whose very forms are generated by the phenomenon of attraction and repulsion."

Iris van Herpen's Autumn Winter 2013 fashion show in Paris

Magnetic Moondress

"Shoes whose very forms are generated by the phenomenon of attraction and repulsion."

Iris van Herpen's Spring Collection 2014 fashion show in Paris
Centre Pompidou

Magnetic Shoes

Magnetic Necklace

Magnetic Belt

Magnetic Bag

Each moment when a step is taken possibilities are excluded. Each step is a step closer to a form. The moment before the first step is the moment that is filled with possibilities, fantasies and desires. The potential. The beginning.

“Value is concealed in this moment when anything is still possible. The freedom of the empty page and the shapeless form."
Jólan van der Wiel

Dutch Invertuals
Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2013

In Collaboration With
EKWC, Glas Museum Leerdam, Beeldenstorm

Made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL


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Product photography: Picture 1 Jac van der Wiel, all other pictures Raw Color


Exhibition in The Box
01/03/2013 to 02/06/2013
Arhus Denmark

The puppeteer
"About a world in which man plays for creator."

We are able to create more and more things; technological development seems to go faster than ever before. Shoes, furniture and even houses can be printed. We are close to a complete self-made world. We have faith in the new belief that the problems we have created ourselves can be solved by technological developments.
Man is like a puppeteer who wants to pull the strings, attempting to make nature submit to human laws. We investigate possibilities, are confident, and try to stretch the boundaries of human knowledge. The idea of an omniscient god ruling over everything does no longer differ much from the position we ourselves are trying to conquer. Although our belief that the world is a human construct is not based on empirical knowledge about the world, it is the belief we act upon in our attempts to alter the natural order of things.

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second exhibition of the Puppeteer at Sign Gallery ,Groningen in The Netherlands.