Aerodynamics are essential for smooth driving. Jólan van der Wiel charted the natural forces that act on cars and ways that we can visualise and materialise airflows. For Volvo he developed an installation that centres on the shape that allows the car to roll – the wheel. Using the forces of air and gravity, a wheel is built up layer by layer, and within a conceptual setting that can attended by the public.

Made possible by Volvo Cars Nederland

“Energy can set things in motion,
while remaining invisible. By capturing the
transmission of energy, something is visualised
that we usually don’t see.”

Everything around us is in constant motion, however most of it remains invisible. What happens in between two stages, how can we detect the change of A to B?

Energy Network visualises an invisible part of movement: the transmission of energy. Energy sets things in motion while remaining hidden from our sight. By capturing the transmission of energy, something is visualised that we usually don’t see. Through vein-like structures, which continuously change in colour, the different flows of energy that run through them become perceptible.

In collaboration with Iris van Herpen

For Spring/Summer 2016 Iris Van Herpen explores the powerful confluence of Nature and architecture. Inspired by the living tree bridges in India, the designer executes a new approach to garment construction, mixing the techniques of cutting, weaving, folding, and growing into a process that transcends the boundaries of traditional clothes-making.

“The beautiful potential of plants and other organisms to form living architecture inspired me to make a collection that is tangled like a maze around the body. Inspiration came from the way plants and their roots grow, and how roots have been used to grow living bridges in the forests of India. This tradition of growing bridges inspired me to re-envision my process of making a garment.”

Central to the show Gwendoline Christie lies in a deep-time dream, wearing a circular dress which is being woven upon her. The live process blends different techniques - laser cutting, hand weaving and 3-D printing into one dress, which spreads from the centre, quaquaversal in its geometries.

Three ‘Beings’ move over the sleeping figure, their geological mineral landscape magnetically grown by the artist Jolan van der Wiel, weaving the dress in real time, interlacing an architectural mesh which rays out around her.

Everywhere around us we find energy. It has to be transported from A to B. How would an electricity cable look like if you could see the energy going through? Through a series of manipulations with power and rhythm, Transparent Cable creates a big pink elephant in the room – the attention piece which systematically begs the question; where does energy come from? The visualisation of musac, it is always with us in the room, yet quietly beautiful.