As designer I am limited; I see the world in fixed patterns and familiar forms. I want to create circumstances where forms appear as new and come into being independently, separated from my influence. Forms that cut me loose from all existing frameworks, shaping worlds that estrange me.

To let these worlds take shape, I work with natural forces, rearranging the building blocks of our familiar, trusted reality.


Jólan van der Wiel believes that developing new ‘tools’ is an important means of inspiration, allowing new and inspiring forms to take shape. For this, his design practice has always focused on finding applications for unorthodox materials and techniques, like the use of magnetism to gradually ‘grow’ his Gravity Stools. He admires objects that show these experimental discoveries, translating his fascination for nature’s beautiful forces into inspiring designs.

Resulting from this attitude to design, his works are located in various disciplines; from fashion and architecture, to art and design.

Studio - Amsterdam

Design / Production / Concepts / Drawing
Jólan van der Wiel
Anna Intini
Scott van Haastrecht

Creative Collaborations
Iris van Herpen

Current Interns
WooJai Lee
Micca Teo

Previous internships
Federerico da Fies
Gaétan Bobichon
Mitchell Kester
Martijn Swinkels
Raphael Folkmer
Temo Gonzalez
Seb Demiurgo

Jobs / Internships
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Jólan van der Wiel graduated from the designLAB department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2011, and in the same year he founded his studio/workshop based in Amsterdam. His work is exhibited internationally, including at the Design Museum (London) and Bauhaus-Archiv Museum (Berlin), and it is part of museum collections including at Vitra Design Museum (Germany), Grand Hornu Museum (Belgium), and Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections (UK).

Jólan van der Wiel has been presented the ‘Interior Innovation Award 2012, Young Talent’, ‘DMY Award 2012’, ‘Bio 23 Award 2012’, and a ‘Design of the year’ nomination in 2013.