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Heaven or Hell? Cube Design Museum

Jan 28, 2018 – Sep 2, 2018

Do we really believe that we wear shoes because they are comfortable? If so, we are most likely wrong, because our footwear says a lot more about us than we think. It is high time to take a closer look at the impact of shoe design.

Shoes largely determine our image, allowing us to make a statement, stand out, or fit in with a subculture. They even provide confidence and empowerment and we often take for granted that this is sometimes all at the expense of comfort.

After all, shoes complete your outfit. Take yourself to unprecedented heights and command success with shoes that lengthen your legs optically. Creativity and architectural forms are not shunned by designers who quite literally place the women on a pedestal. Is suffering from pain caused by high heels or too narrow designs part of the contemporary deal?

The Heaven or Hell? exhibition highlights the impact of these designs with more than 100 extraordinary shoe designs. A broad overview of the developments in the shoe industry has been created by bringing designers, artists, and innovative brands together.

The Magnetic Shoe, in collaboration with Iris van Herpen, is a part of this exhibition. On view till the second of September at the Cube Design Museum, Kerkrade, The Netherlands.