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Three ‘Beings’ for Iris van Herpen’s Quaquaversal 2016

October 2015

Three ‘Beings’ for Iris van Herpen’s Quaquaversal 2016

For this collection, Iris Van Herpen explores the powerful confluence of Nature and architecture. Inspired by the living tree bridges in India, the designer executes a new approach to garment construction, mixing the techniques of cutting, weaving, folding, and growing into a process that transcends the boundaries of traditional clothes-making.

Central to the show Gwendoline Christie lies in a deep-time dream, wearing a circular dress which is being woven upon her. The live process blends different techniques – laser cutting, hand weaving and 3-D printing into one dress, which spreads from the centre, quaquaversal in its geometries.

Three ‘Beings’ move over the sleeping figure, their geological mineral landscape magnetically grown by Jólan van der Wiel, weaving the dress in real time, interlacing an architectural mesh which rays out around her.